Directorate of Urban Regional Policy & Strategic Planning
Planning & Development Department, Government of Sindh


Directorate of Urban Regional Policy & Strategic Planning

Being cognizant of the role of cities as engines of growth, Government of Sindh has established the Directorate of Urban Policy and Strategic Planning (UP&SP) in the Planning and Development Department, with the mandate to plan for sustainable urban development in the province to realize the objectives of economic growth, planned infrastructure development – dictated by a strong policy and regulatory regime and to  also address inequities caused by intra-urban and regional disparities.


Years of Achievements

Our Vision


Support research activities, carry out studies, and prepare policies, plans and projects – as well as discourse with the citizenry and the intellectuals.
Provide technical support on policies and planning for urban development and more effective urbanization in Sindh.
Support economic regeneration, investment management, urban governance and municipal services by implementing development projects in the short, medium and long terms.

Establish urban resource center and promote reforms for urban economic and social development provide support to cities/ local administration and management on urban issues including preparation of development / master plans, surveys, GIS mapping and studies Pilot innovation, and work for capacity building.

Planning for sustainable urban development in the province and achieving the objectives of economic growth, planned infrastructure development – guided by a strong policy and regulatory regime in urban Sindh

Chief Minister, Sindh

Strategic planning and robust urban management is pivotal to address the ongoing urbanization challenges. Sindh is an urbanized province of the country as more than 52% of its total population settled in urban areas. During last two decades, for several reasons, migration to urban areas has rapidly grown; large influx of rural population into urban areas has created a variety of issues and heavy burden on already dilapidated urban infrastructures, resulting in expansion in a haphazard manner.

Here I see an opportunity for the intermediary cities of Sindh as they are still in the early stages of urbanization and this gives us an opportunity to prepare their urban expansion and development in a planned manner so that they can contribute as “Engines of Economic Growth”. Another milestone of Sindh Government to achieve economic and socially equitable growth is Poverty Reduction Strategy, focusing on betterment of masses living under poverty line to provide them sustainable urbanization solutions through Establishment of Rural Growth Centers/Service Hubs, Urban Economic Clusters, Community Driven Local Development.

The Directorate of Urban Policy & Strategic Planning, Planning & Development (P&DD) has been established to, inter alia, address the challenges and opportunities, posed by urbanization. The Directorate is actively engaged and successfully preparing/ pursuing policies, strategies and master plans laying out guidelines for systematic and sustained urbanization in the province. I wish team of Directorate best in future and would like to see them developing as a strong technical arm of Government of Sindh.

Chief Minister, Sindh

Chairman Planning & Development Board

Addressing urban and regional challenges is a daunting task and demands dedicated and concerted efforts in the right direction to address sustainable change and equitable development targets. The Directorate has the potential to address such challenges of development planning in the urban & regional sectors. Today, population in Sindh is more inclined towards urban areas than the rural. However, most of the urban expansion is happening in the shape of informal settlements which lack the basic amenities and opportunities to prosper. Urban planners are anticipating that the unplanned growth of urban areas will take shape of horizontal expansion whereas the need of vertical expansion is the significant requirement of future planning.

The continuous commendable performance of the Directorate of Urban Policy & Strategic Planning now spans to 9 years  under the umbrella of Planning & Development Department, Government of Sindh has contributed various valuable plans and policies for Urban & Regional Revitalization and Development.

I congratulate the Directorate’s team for successfully contributing towards urban and regional development with par excellence and look forward for an even greater participation through an advanced analytical and technical approaches.

Najam Ahmed Shah

Chairman P&D Board

Secretary (Planning)
Planning & Development Department

Directorate is vigorously pursuing the agenda of revitalization of urban and regional sector, focusing on Environment, Climate Change, Municipal Finance, Municipal Services, Housing, GIS and many others while capturing the insights, relevant plans and strategies of Pakistan vision 2025.

Directorate is effectively implementing the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) through establishment of Rural Growth Centres (RGC). Development schemes pertaining to education, water supply, drainage & road sector stands approved, now are in execution phase enabling higher level of services to rural population and enhanced quality of life.

In Urban Planning and Development ambit, the importance of Master Plans cannot be ignored, as they provide the potential growth corridors and nodes around which priority for investments and development of cities may be built upon. To accomplish this objective, the Directorate has successfully completed the gigantic assignment of preparation of Development Master Plans for 17 towns / secondary cities of Sindh. This accomplishment of the Directorate enables the relevant stockholders to move in a unified direction, building on comparative advantage and enhance competitiveness.

I would like to convey my appreciation to the Directorate for showing consistency in achieving their assigned roles and responsibilities in a successful manner.

Secretary (Planning)

Director General UP&SP

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