Directorate of Urban Policy and Strategic Planning
Mass Transit


Support research activities, carry out studies, and prepare policies,                                                     
plans and projects - as well as discourse with the citizenry and the intellectuals

Provide technical support on policies and planning for urban development and more effective
urbanization in Sindh

Support economic regeneration, investment management, urban governance and municipal
services by implementing development projects in the short, medium and long terms

Establish urban resource centre and promote reforms for urban economic and social development

Provide support to cities/ local administration and management on urban issues including 
preparation of development / master plans, surveys, GIS mapping and studies

   Pilot innovation, and work for capacity building.


Planning for sustainable urban development in the province and achieving
the objectives of economic growth, planned infrastructure development - guided by a strong
policy and regulatory regime in urban Sindh.

Guidelines for preparation of Spatial Plans, Local Economic Development Strategies (LEDS), Zoning Guidelines,  MIS & GIS Framework
Review of 52 SCIP Consultants Reports, Feasibility Studies & Master Plans of Secondary Cities of Central Cluster
Urban Renewal (UR) - Pilot Excercise (Slums, GORs, & GERs). Selected 5 Colonies / Localities for piloting Urban Renewal Projects
Draft "Sindh Sanitation Policy" prepared and placed on delibrations. A Consultative workshop is being re scheduled on 24th June 2014
Concept Paper, TORs, Cost Estimates have been prepared for conducting "Investment Management Study" for the province of Sindh.
Urban Development Strategies for Sukkur & Larkana prepared
Organized a mega event “Pakistan Urban Forum - South Asian Cities Conference 2014” at Karachi. This event attracted around 100 International Delegates, besides a number of Urban Speakers, Dignitaries, Writers, Academicians, Planners and Architects. The event attracted large public in general, and various papers were presented during three day conference
1.  Government of Sindh

2.  Planning and Development Department (P&D)

3.  Sindh Cities Improvement Program (SCIP)

4.  North Sindh Urban Services Corporation (NSUSC)

5.  2nd Pakistan Urban Forum (PUF)  

6.  Municipal Services Delivery Program (MSDP)

7.  Urban Unit Punjab

8.  Urban Policy Unit khyber pakhtunkhwa (KPK)

9.  Asian Development Bank (Pakistan)

10.  World Bank (Pakistan)
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Preparation of Development Plans of 20 District Headquarters Town of Sindh.
Initial discussion for carrying out studies on Karachi Transformation Dialogue under Non-Lending Technical Assistance (NLTA) of World Bank.
Preliminary talks underway - Projects for 2 Secondary Cities of Sindh to address Climate Change Impacts - under Asain Development Bank (ADB) Grant
Concept Paper, TORs, Cost Estimate have been prepared for conducting "Municipal Finanace Assestment Study"
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